Spring is a time of warm weather and rain showers. These changes can bring fashion challenges, but don’t worry! Let me help you be prepared, rain or shine.

Here are my 10 must-haves for this spring.

#1 Bright Colors
Shades of yellow, orange, pink, turquoise, and mint. Any color that is loud and vibrant, wear it!

#2 “Black” Drop
To make sure you colors “pop” try to wear black around it. For instance, if you wear a yellow skirt, accompany it with black leggings and flats.

#3 Funky Shoes
A few essential shoe pairings you should have are: fun flats, comfy sandals, and cute sneakers like Converse and Vans. Choose bright colors, earth tones, or metallics so you can get lots of wear out of them. Shoes can make an outfit!

#4 An Assortment of Skirts
Skater skirts are really in right now. They’re girly and comfortable. Pencil skirts in cute solid colors or patterns are a hit too. A skirt with a plain tee and nice shoes is a simple yet fashionable spring look. Experiment with different styles of skirts.

#5 Classy Dresses
Lace, lace, lace! Don’t think of lace as old-world and frumpy. You can find all kinds of sweet colors and patterns.

#6 Button-Front Shirts
Grab contrasting materials, patterns, and colors. Put together an oversized button-front with some leggings and sandals. VoilĂ ! You got a super precious outfit!

#7 Leggings & Tights
All real fashionistas have these. They are another great way to add color and flair. For rainy days when you want to cover your legs, pull out a pair and you can still wear your cute outfit!

#8 Nail Polish
Okay, I’m pretty obsessed with nail polish. Another way to add color to any look is to put a bright shade of polish on your fingers and toes. Step out and go crazy with it!

#9 Jewelry & Scarves
Vibrant bangles and studs are essential. Long, layer friendly necklaces and scarves add versatility. I like the look of infinity scarves. They are lightweight and a good alternative for necklaces.

#10 Be Creative
Be you, have fun, and find your look. Be confident and never be afraid to try something new. Oh and don’t forget your umbrella!

Check out some cool books that I recently read to get your nails to rock and pop too:
Nails, Nails, Nails! by Madeline Poole
DIY Nail Art by Catherine Rodgers
Glam Nail Studio by Amber-Elizabeth Stores 

My go to stores:
H&M, Forever 21, Delia’s, and Target

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With Love,

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