My eyelashes are my prize possession! When I started wearing mascara, I wanted a way to protect them and ensure growth of new ones if some were to fall out. I researched and found home remedies that would stimulate hair growth. 

The one I chose was easy and only had two ingredients. I use this serum on my lashes and eyebrows. I also read brushing the lashes can stimulate hair growth. I suggest using a dry mascara replacement brush to apply the serum! I do this every night. I’ve found it works really well! After one night, I found a new longer eyelash sitting on top of my other lashes. 

Try it for yourself then enjoy longer lashes and fuller eyebrows!

Lash & Brow Growth Serum Ingredients & Supplies:
Castor Oil
Almond Oil
1 mascara replacement brush
1 small bottle w/lid

Fill 1/4 of the bottle with almond oil then fill the rest with castor oil. Put on lid and shake.

Brush serum on lashes (top and bottom) and eyebrows.

With Love,

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