Thursday, September 22, 2016

Homecoming 2016 feat. Charlotte Russe

Homecoming is right around the corner and I know you're planning! Here are my dress picks for queens of every size:

My Short/Petite Queens

My Tall Queens

My Curvy Queens

Check out for these items and more! 

With Love,

Monday, September 19, 2016

Fall 2016 Looks - The Couples Edition

You and your date will be ready for any event with these fall appropriate looks!

Look 1
This one is for the football game! 
Ladies First- Wearing a hoodie to an outdoor event is a must because it can be very windy or even rain. You want to have the option of a hood and the warmth that the hoodie brings but still be cute! When choosing the perfect hoodie, look for something feminine like floral prints or soft pastel colors. Pair this with distressed jeans, cute sneaks, and of course lip gloss ;)
For The Guys- You want to look cool but stay warm as well. Choose a fitted long-sleeve shirt then pair with joggers. Accessorize with nice high tops and a sleek watch!
Look 2
Rock any party together!
Ladies First- This jacket it what makes the whole look pop! Give it a 'Blackdrop' with a black tee, black ripped jeans, and black high heeled boots! 
For The Guys- This outfit is all about detail and the thin stripes in this shirt are definitely working! Pair shirt with dark grey jeans and fresh black sneakers to tie in the black stripes. Add nerd glasses to give extra flair and classiness.

Look 3
Let's Dance!
Ladies First- I love long maxi skirts because they turn any outfit into an instant success! Pair the skirt with a striped long sleeve cropped top, pumps, and dangle earrings.
For The Guys- I took an old school suit look and put a new school flair on it. Instead of your usual suit jacket, try a bomber jacket! Pair this with your classic white button down, khaki trousers, and instead of dress shoes choose black high tops.

Look 4
Fair Affair!
Ladies First- If you don't have a sweater dress for the fall you need to find one ASAP! This will save you so much time and effort. Pair with tights or leggings and knee high boots. 
For The Guys- Flannels are so easy to style. Pair with ripped skinny jeans and clean canvas sneaks!
Look 5
Sweater Weather!
Ladies First- This look is simple but very classy. Pair a soft sweater with a leather skirt and statement boots.
For The Guys- Choose a sweater with a simple detail then pair with nice jeans and boots.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Lash & Brow Growth Serum

My eyelashes are my prize possession! When I started wearing mascara, I wanted a way to protect them and ensure growth of new ones if some were to fall out. I researched and found home remedies that would stimulate hair growth. 

The one I chose was easy and only had two ingredients. I use this serum on my lashes and eyebrows. I also read brushing the lashes can stimulate hair growth. I suggest using a dry mascara replacement brush to apply the serum! I do this every night. I've found it works really well! After one night, I found a new longer eyelash sitting on top of my other lashes. 

Try it for yourself then enjoy longer lashes and fuller eyebrows!

Lash & Brow Growth Serum Ingredients & Supplies:

Castor Oil
Almond Oil
1 mascara replacement brush
1 small bottle w/lid

Fill 1/4 of the bottle with almond oil then fill the rest with castor oil. Put on lid and shake.

Brush serum on lashes (top and bottom) and eyebrows.

With Love,